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Company Description

Lakeview Construction Company is a general contractor which provides remodeling services. We seek to do quality value driven remodeling work.  

Located in Saint Charles, IL, we serve the western suburbs of Chicago. The company is comprised of a general contractor and teams of craftsman that specialize within the home improvement industry. Past projects have included, windows, doors, siding, trim, gutters, and gutter covers. We have worked primarily on residential projects, of late we are beginning to do commercial window projects.

The best projects are the ones in which the homeowner and the general contractor work together in a collaborative manner to define particulars of the project (such as material selection) and in turn the scope of the work to be done. (Scope is defined as those items which specify the content of the project)

The company has been incorporated since 2008. Our crews are primarily comprised of trained highly experienced craftsman along with junior craftsman that work at the direction of the experienced crew leader.

This company provides restoration work for homes that have been damaged by wind, hail, storms, fire, or water, including floods. We provide no-obligation home inspections, which will provide insights into the level of damage the home has received due to severe weather or an unexpected event. Have 16 years of insurance claim processing experience.


 The home listed above has new siding, windows, front door, composite wood chimney trim, shutters, composite board and batten chimney siding, new gutters and downspouts.