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Which siding is best for your home?

Most of the siding being applied to preexisting homes falls into three categories namely -

                     * vinyl siding

                     * engineered wood

                     * cement board

Each type of siding has its advantages for vinyl siding some of its advantages are *

       * wide choice of colors

       * does not absorb water

       * lightweight with good wind protection

       * good against rot and decay

       * green, sustainable

       * super warranty

       * inexpensive

For engineered wood siding

      * great look

      * nice choice of trim material

      * many custom colors available

      * insect resistant

      * tough, durable

      * seals the home well ( product selection a variable)

      * less expensive than wood siding

      * green, sustainable

      * excellent warranty

For cement board siding

      * super warranty

      * impact resistant

      * sharp lines, great look

      * holds paint very well

      * fire proof

      * considerably stronger than wood or vinyl siding

      * green, sustainable    

For all three products professional installation is a must.


* reference Alside supply, LP Smartside and James Hardie