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Planning your remodeling project. He are are seven steps we have found useful.

1) From a dollars perspective determine what you can comfortably afford to spend on your home improvement project. If you are financing the project consider the cost of the loan, the monthly payments, and duration of the loan.

Project pay outs, the best projects are the ones that are set up on a pay as you go basis, that is, as the project progresses payments are issued.

2) Form a concept of what you would like to do, for example, redo the siding on your home. In the case of a siding project determine if you are going to redo the exterior trim, and/or windows, and/or doors at the same time as the siding. Insulation is another consideration when installing new siding.  Many types of siding insulation exist, ask for a comparison of the costs of several types of siding insulation.

Ask your siding contractor how they plan to seal your home as many methods exist.

3) Go to web sites such as to look for similar pictures of home remodeling projects. A web site such as houzz has a large number of remodeling project pictures. Most of the time a single remodeling project picture will not have all you would like to include in your remodeling project. Print out several remodeling project pictures that you find of interest and share those with your contractor. Review with your contractor those features shown in the pictures you have accumulated which you you find of interest, describe to you contractor what you like about a given project picture feature.

With each project we like the end result to be customized to that homeowner, by combining ideas from several projects one can arrive at a best solution for a given customer.  

4) Set up a meeting with your contractor in order to review your overall project concept. Discuss with your contractor construction alternatives to accomplish your project goals.

5) Meet with your contractor and review the alternatives presented, select the alternative you feel will best meet your project goals. Ask your contractor to develop a further refined project concept drawing.

6) Meet with contractor and review the concept drawing, suggest any additional changes if needed. Finalize your project.

7) Meet with your contractor and review your remodeling project installation plan.

Appreciate the steps outlined above are basic, on past projects have found the above steps followed carefully has lead to home improvement projects that our customers are very happy with.

Please give us a call to discuss a project you would like to accomplish.