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As a homeowner there are many considerations as you evaluate whether your windows warrant replacement.

A few window replacement considerations


                  - replacing the windows in your home is not a do it yourself project.

                  - sealing your windows from the outside elements is very important, whether or not your are going to

                    replace your siding at the same time as changing your windows is another important consideration,

                    with your siding removed your contractor has more options to seal your windows, if possible, a less

                    costly approach  to replacing your siding is to detach and reset your existing siding near the                     perimeter of the window to be replaced in order to give your contractor options to seal your

                    windows from the elements.

                  - insulating your window perimeter, filling your window cavity with insulation are considerations

                    that need to evaluated

                  - interior trim, do you wish to reuse your existing trim, sometimes a tough thing to do taking into                     account to the brittleness of the trim wood due to age and drying out, layers of old paint, etc., is it                     better to prime and paint your trim or stain and seal your trim.

                  - trim profiles, better to go with colonial casing around your window or something more traditional

                    like window trim that includes an apron and stool for a classic window trim look.

                  - consider the view from your window, how you would like to trim out that view.

Are your dual or triple pane windows foggy? Fog is typically a sign that your window seal has been compromised, in addition to being unsightly your windows are probably not as energy efficient as they where when new.

Inspect the frame of your window, in the case of a wood window is the frame rotted, rotted wood can cause health issues. Is your window frame warped, a warped window frame can cause your window to leak and can also cause window seal failure.  In either case a new window may be the best choice for your home.

Quality windows are always a better choice than inexpensive poor quality windows. If you are faced with a choice of putting in inexpensive windows or repairing your current windows maybe repairing your current windows is the way to go. By repairing your old windows you are maintaining the original style of your home which can be a key component of its overall value.

The best solution for a home that has dated windows is to replace all the windows with quality replacement windows, budget permitting.

                   - and many more considerations.


Hire an experienced professional contractor and work with them on your window installation project for the best results.

Going with downgraded windows has to effect  the value of your home. Windows are an important feature of any home, much like flooring or built in cabinets. Picking windows that match the look of your home and are at a quality level that upgrades your home should yield benefits when you sell you home. It makes sense, for example, custom colored windows that accent the exterior of your home combined with an interior window finish properly selected should increase the curb appeal of your home as well as its interior esthetics. A home with increased curb appeal and upgraded interiors esthetics should be worth more.

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